Friday, March 21, 2008

duh of the week

um, what? yum, dum, dum, dum...duh!


Cheryl said...

True story: When we were kiddos, my sister didn't like Chinese food. I remember my family going to the little restaurant in town and my sister was all pouty and contrary b/c she didn't want to eat there. So, she ordered a hamburger, and then wouldn't eat it b/c she said it tasted too chinese! LOL

Thanks for making me laugh with a funny picture and a silly memory!

tish brewer said...

wow:) what a cute story. that makes this picture so much better!

jenn said...

have you noticed the "egg roll hut" sign on main and carroll? it's an ice cream cone. i've been talking about that sign since childhood. hah!,-96.761098&sspn=0.009848,0.017445&layer=c&ie=UTF8&ll=32.796582,-96.766591&spn=0.009848,0.024483&z=16&cbll=32.791978,-96.76755&cbp=1,340.160477539467,,0,5

tish brewer said...

yeah, i love that egg roll hut sign. it makes me smile on my way to work:)