Wednesday, April 16, 2008

convention face time

yesterday shannon and i went to a texas library association conference...well, to a sort of pre-conference, and we had a booth at the expo on digitization. yes, a digi expo. we were there to speak to people about conservation concerns as part of the digitization process. and of course, it was a chance to get our names and faces out there and hand out as many cards and brochures as we could. the dallas convention center is kinda neat on the inside, and there is an adjacent cemetery of important texas people. it was a pretty day out, so on breaks i took walks to capture some pictures.


Cheryl said...

you aren't by any chance going to the SLA in Seattle in June, are ya? DH is a speaker (he's with Factiva, of Dow Jones).

tish brewer said...

i wish i was, because i'd love to go to seattle!