Friday, April 11, 2008

flowers and voodoo, on the same walk

yesterday we took a new walking direction from work, mostly to see if we could figure out where this new yoga studio is located. because our landlord loves gardens, now that it's spring we see lots of nice flowers around our neighborhood. sometimes we cut roses to put in a vase in the studio. it makes for a nice afternoon break to see what's growing and look in the windows of the galleries.

as we walked further and found the yoga studio, we came into this tiny weird neighborhood across from fair park, where the owner of the house/fence in the pictures below has put all these animal skulls and bones and feathers, and jars of things, hanging along the fence. i have no idea what is in the jars, but they do contain things. the doorway of the house was framed with the same type of stuff. and from the rear view mirror of the car in front of the house, there were lots of feathers and beads and what looked like a shrunken head hanging, though it could be my imagination. either way, there was some kind of voodoo going on there. look closely and see what you can find.


Cheryl said...

That is some wacky stuff going on! Did you see any mysterious gypsies watching you through the curtains? Yikes!

Beautiful pictures, though! The flowers are really something else!

tish brewer said...

yeah, it was kind of scary. i was reluctant to sneak my camera through a space in the chain link fence so i could get a picture of that door. the screen door was ajar too, so i wouldn't be surprised if someone peeks out the front all day to see people's reactions!