Thursday, April 3, 2008

fort worth and a flea market

today we took a trip to fort worth city hall to take a look at about 50 ledger bindings we may do some work on. we don't typically take books, but this would be a part pro bono/part paying job, so we'll see what happens... it would be an interesting project. after the meeting, i took some pics around downtown. my favorites are the signs.

then we got back to the lab too late to do much of anything productive, so we decided to check out the "world's largest garage sale" over at fair park. it was big, and i love junk, and we found some cool stuff for ourselves and for CAC. my personal purchases totaled $1.50, and included two new owls and two faceted glass cups.

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Josh said...

i like the owls. the owl pic on the bottom looks like an incense burner i had as a kid. my folks would smoke lots of grass and fire that bad boy up! ahhh..childhood memories.

ps- check out my flickr for a special owl picture i took for you.