Wednesday, May 7, 2008

duh of the week: in narrative

so this is my first post without a picture, but i thought it best not to post a picture of my own on. today i went outside on our roof deck to expose some papers to the sun for the cyanotypes i was working on. there are a couple of white plastic chairs out there next to a small table, so i put my stuff down on the table and plopped myself down in one of the chairs. it took me a second to realize that i had not just sat down on a sort of wet chair, but i had actually sat down in a puddle. the shape of the chair was such that a puddle of rain water from this morning had collected there, and i didn't even notice. my jeans were soaked, and it was definitely through to the skin. i laughed at myself and then went home soon after, since it started to be pretty uncomfortable- like a wet swimsuit you can't get out of. luckily, it was near the end of the day anyway, and we didn't have any clients scheduled to drop by. duh!

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David said...

I want the picture!!