Thursday, May 1, 2008

i scream for ice cream

late in the evening yesterday, i went to baskin robbins to take part in scoring ice cream for 31 cents a scoop. we waited in line for probably 45 minutes, but i didn't mind. we even got a sample of soft serve while in line, probably the best soft serve i have ever had. (yes, it beats dairy queen, and the free soft serve you get at jason's deli or dickey's bbq.) i love how bright and pink the inside of the store is. and the kids working this thing were really cheery considering their arms must have been about to fall off from so much scooping.

the back story: i love ice's like a separate food group to me, and the ultimate treat. i think this stems from childhood, when i'm pretty sure i was bribed with ice cream. like if i was going to the doctor as a kid and had to get shots, i would get ice cream after if there was no crying and whining. i have to say this was a good tactic. i think it may have even been baskin robbins ice cream i was rewarded with if we were out, and of course blue bell at home. but i would eat any ice cream i could get, at any time. if we got a half gallon for the freezer, my dad and i would bust through that thing fast.

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