Wednesday, June 4, 2008

duh of the week

so this isn't a great picture, because i was driving and david didn't do a fantastic job of getting the shot when i spotted it, but this poor guy is standing in the back of a pickup truck in between a queen size mattress and its frame, both standing up on the long ends. the truck turned onto the road in front of us, and i observed this dude getting pinned between the mattress and wood frame, trying to keep everything from toppling out of the truck, including himself. the tailgate was down, no bungee cords or any other logical form of supportive help in sight. not very bright. david didn't want to take a picture too closely because i think he was afraid it would be obvious to the guy and then he'd be made to feel bad, but it was such a funny moment that i had to get it somehow, even with this bad picture.

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