Wednesday, July 9, 2008

new in the garden

well, we are really battling the major heat, and cutworms, but there are still a few things going strong in the garden. my recent trick of sticking toothpicks around the stems of all the veggies seems to be keeping the cutworms at bay (i refuse to use chemicals of any kind). next we'll introduce ladybugs and praying mantis to try and get the ecosystem back to something more normal (not so mosquito and ant heavy). i'm also trying to encourage more birds to come into the yard, so they can eat the worms and other things. thanks to a couple great birthday presents, the birds should be coming along soon.

we are beginning to compost (everything except animal products), and now actually have cool looking bins (thanks shan!) rather than just piles of stuff in the yard. our soil is a mess, especially after a redo on all the plumbing last summer, so we'll be tilling it in the fall and adding the compost to the beds and the worst part of the yard. i'm bound to lose more weight from all the yardwork!

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