Tuesday, August 5, 2008

more food packaging

here are some neat new additions to the food packaging collection. thanks, and keep them coming! today i found this site of crazy kids' packaging. hover over a label to see the full pic. it's pretty rad. i love love love packaging design.


Anonymous said...

My favorite is ting ting jahe special ginger candy:

I used to get it at the HEB on the corner of Oltorf and Congress. The wrappers for the individual candies are really great - plus I love what's inside. Try this - put one of the candies in some vodka or rum. Dissolve and drink. Mmmmm.

I may have to special order some special ginger!

tish brewer said...

yum. i am going to have to try that. i love ginger anything. and i love the package...it's so botanical.