Friday, October 31, 2008

christmas posters

today i worked on an estimate for these neat screen printed christmas posters of the three wise men. they are like scrolls, so they have been stored rolled and exhibit all the usual damage from being stored that way...cracks and creases, edge tears, and abrasions to the media. the bottom photo was taken in raking light, and you can see the difference in sheen between each layer of ink...some are glossy or metallic, and some are matte, but the effect is really nice. i'm really hoping to work on these. it's a straightforward treatment, but a fun and dramatic one. the client bought a mid-century modern house and now has the walls to hang these cool guys just in time for the holidays.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

paper stars

these neat paper stars are just one of the folded paper ornaments we'll be featuring in the next paper nerds workshop. i've become addicted to making them...they can be stars, or they can be bows for pretty packages. tiny ones can be strung together to make a garland of paper stars. i can't wait! this workshop is only $30, so sign up now!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

new nephew

my little sister had a baby boy over the weekend. he is perfect:) i love it when they are all swaddled up like cute little burritos.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

another reason to recycle

as if you really needed one. the great pacific garbage patch is a mass of suspended plastic and other debris trapped by the current of the north pacific gyre. it's a big swirling vortex of trash halfway between hawaii and los angeles, including accidentally overboard nike shoes and taco bell wrappers from carrier ships, bottles and cans left on beaches, discarded fishing nets and lines, and wind driven garbage. the debris breaks into smaller fragments, resembling plankton, killing ocean life. it also blocks sunlight from getting to the area below the garbage, which is about twice the size of texas. what can you do? recycle your plastic- all of it. use less, re-use more.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

petal pushers

petal pushers is an organic garden emporium in cedar hill. it's beautiful, and pretty big, and very peaceful. they have pretty much everything, and plants are divided into type by sweet hand painted wooden signs. it's a nice place to hang out for a bit. they even have classes...we noticed one coming soon on how to grow your own veggies.

penn farm

over the weekend, shan and i went to penn farm for the "days of old" celebration. penn farm is part of cedar hill state park, a very pretty place not too far away, right on joe pool lake. it's $5 to get in, and i noticed people with dogs, so I'll definitely be back with the whole family to hike some trails, maybe go camping sometime.

Friday, October 17, 2008

mini sewn books

i've been making some small sewn boards bindings in preparation and practice for the upcoming paper nerds workshop. i love this structure because it's so easy and fast once everything is cut, especially with these little ones. and, i'm thinking they might make great stocking stuffers.

a new season

my stink cactus is blooming now that the weather is right. fascinating...these flowers are huge and very pretty, but fuzz and stink is their defense. naturally, there are lots of flies buzzing around it:)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

city museum

i'm such a preservation nerd. this place, the city museum, looks amazing. i wish i'd had a place like this to go to as a kid. if st. louis were closer, i'd go as an adult. check out the website here.

"Housed in the 600,000 square-foot former International Shoe Company, the museum is an eclectic mixture of children's playground, funhouse, surrealistic pavilion, and architectural marvel made out of unique, found objects. The brainchild of internationally acclaimed artist Bob Cassilly, a classically trained sculptor and serial entrepreneur, the museum opened for visitors in 1997 to the riotous approval of young and old alike.

Cassilly and his longtime crew of 20 artisans have constructed the museum from the very stuff of the city; and, as a result, it has urban roots deeper than any other institutions'. Reaching no farther than municipal borders for its reclaimed building materials, CITY MUSEUM boasts features such as old chimneys, salvaged bridges, construction cranes, miles of tile, and even two abandoned planes!"

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

art conspiracy

i'm going to be doing art conspiracy this year, and i am super excited. i'll have to work up lots of ideas before the first weekend in december, when i will create a painting on site as one of 150 artists. then there is a live auction to benefit a local good cause, so i want to be prepared to have the piece fetch more than just a few bucks. the theme this year is "deconstructed", and admission is only $10, with 3 bands and 2 dj's. i'd better see y'all there.

new biz cards

today i made these great new business cards for paper nerds. each one has a different scrap of paper on it, and our little printer did such a good job! i can't wait to hand them out, and to make more, because i can do it for such little moolah:)

Monday, October 13, 2008

a clever production

the boston typewriter orchestra makes music with rythmic typewriter manipulation. take a listen on their website, and check out the photos of their beautiful antique fleet. hooray for creative music.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

more state fair

if you don't know it yet, i'm a freak for the texas state fair. it is, strangely, one of the prettiest places in my world. yesterday we got in for $1 by bringing 3 cans of food. i went to use some already purchased coupons...we had exactly enough (11=$5.50!) for a funnel cake with whipped cream on top. we watched the pig races, and just walked around to take pictures. parking was $0, since i work across the street, and we ate dinner at home. total cheap date cost, including cans of food and funnel cake: $11.88!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

my heaven

Thursday, October 2, 2008

sewn boards bindings

there's an upcoming paper nerds workshop on this book structure, one of my favorites, and perfect for sketchbooks, guest books, journals, and anything else that needs to open really flat. cost is just $75 and includes bunches of materials and notes. make sure you are there!

cloud appreciation

i really am fascinated with clouds. guess bunches of other nerds are too. check out the cloud appreciation society.

it's not politics, really

so after watching the vp debate tonight, i was flipping through channels on my satellite (yes, i still have satellite) and came across something brilliant. now i'm not about to reveal all my real political beliefs in such a public forum, so please don't surmise what my position is or who i'm voting for or anything else about me just by reading this. you don't know me. but i do need to say something about obama. to all the people running his campaign, you are so, so smart. i've just seen an entire channel devoted to obama ads. paid for and approved ads, very personal ones, with perfectly placed music and moodiness. ads about family and commerce and hardship, really well thought out and effective ads to speak to our current fear and need for change. these are running for hours a day, at the prime times when people are couch potatoes, and this is brilliant. i've never seen a more effective campaign of any kind, ever...especially if we include a note about positive "branding" and very, very good design. the obama camp has used design really effectively, with graphics that are actually interesting enough to attract the serious attention of the design community, and (likely) some of the general public that might not have paid such attention had he hired a similar agency to hillary's. so kudos to obama's design firm, and camp. but here's my real question: does great design just augment character and substance, or is it a replacement for it? guess we'll see.