Thursday, October 2, 2008

it's not politics, really

so after watching the vp debate tonight, i was flipping through channels on my satellite (yes, i still have satellite) and came across something brilliant. now i'm not about to reveal all my real political beliefs in such a public forum, so please don't surmise what my position is or who i'm voting for or anything else about me just by reading this. you don't know me. but i do need to say something about obama. to all the people running his campaign, you are so, so smart. i've just seen an entire channel devoted to obama ads. paid for and approved ads, very personal ones, with perfectly placed music and moodiness. ads about family and commerce and hardship, really well thought out and effective ads to speak to our current fear and need for change. these are running for hours a day, at the prime times when people are couch potatoes, and this is brilliant. i've never seen a more effective campaign of any kind, ever...especially if we include a note about positive "branding" and very, very good design. the obama camp has used design really effectively, with graphics that are actually interesting enough to attract the serious attention of the design community, and (likely) some of the general public that might not have paid such attention had he hired a similar agency to hillary's. so kudos to obama's design firm, and camp. but here's my real question: does great design just augment character and substance, or is it a replacement for it? guess we'll see.

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