Wednesday, December 17, 2008

korean food in the cold

earlier this week we went to a christmas party at omi korean grill in carrollton. it was sleeting that night so the travel was awful and scary (because people here think they can go the same speed on the ice, and change lanes, and then they wreck). but the food was amazing, and the people at the party were so warm and lovely (the tei tei and teppo families of gracious and friendly owners/managers/employees). the owner of omi grill, named omi, was very sweet and told us to please come back. the restaurant is relatively new...the decor is warm, the side dishes you get with the meal are interesting and flavorful, the meat was good (and the soups were really good)and the grill doesn't give off any smoke- so you don't come out of there smelling strongly like your food. i would recommend checking it out, and while you are over there go to h-mart as well.

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