Tuesday, January 6, 2009

digital experiment

i've never been much for digital cameras until recently. i was resistant, and still took everything on film long after everyone else was using digitals. i have a lot to learn. i'll admit i still suck at using a digital camera, and can't get the color or anything else to my real liking, probably because i can't afford an actual great digital camera and i won't tweak things for hours in a photo editing program that i don't even have (and because everything of our own making that we view is always bound to get more criticism from oneself). so, i was playing around one day and stuck some blank developed negatives in front of the lens of my digital camera while taking pictures, and here is the result. david gave me the idea. i really like it. i think i'll try more.


shannon phillips said...

neat! i like it a ton.

Nicole W. said...

Great idea! I was really late to the digital game too.