Tuesday, February 10, 2009

lots and lots of paper

today we made a trip to clampitt paper, which was amazing, and a place that david told me about because he gets letterpress papers there. they were very nice about giving us some sample books...the ones below are from french paper company, which has very nice papers as well as some of the best graphic design i've seen. clampitt has a great creative center adjacent to the warehouse, where they have exhibits of neat letterpress and offset designs that have been printed on papers they sell.

before the paper store, we made a trip to trinity ceramic for some good tools we will use in the conservation lab. i used to work there, and my dad has been a customer for years and years. it's a great place to get anything having to do with ceramics, and where i buy all my clay and chemicals...that is, when i have a studio set up (which will hopefully happen again soon). i love their tag line..."play dirty".

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