Wednesday, August 19, 2009

love and loss (of a job)

funny how people can lead you to believe one thing about their character and their business when the reality is completely the opposite. d lost his job this week...his slave job at the letterpress plantation - that's the way we think of it. he's very good at the craft, so it's sad for us, especially considering the way he was treated there. out of politeness, i'll leave the name of the studio out of this post, but i don't have anything good to say about the work environment there. i'll never understand why most wealthy people consider it a right to treat others so poorly, and i'll never understand the management style of a person who thinks pushing people too hard, allowing for no mistakes, never saying thank you, and talking to employees in such a hateful way actually fosters creativity in the workplace. duh. that should be the duh of the week, the duh of the century really. this is a situation where i really hope i'm around to personally see the behavior of this couple bite them in the ass.

we've been talking about beginning to print our own stuff on the small press we have at home. i'm sure we wouldn't be the first to start something out of the garage/basement/spare room, so that we can eventually have our ideal...our own shop (preferably in some pretty/cool/gray city...someday) where lots of things are going on and dogs are allowed. perhaps now's the time to do something gutsy. for sure, now's the time for all people to act like damn decent human beings, come on.


Anonymous said...

Good for you, I am familiar with the business and know of your husbands talents. I also know the employees cannot stand the owners who do not treat them with respect resulting in high turnover. Start your own business! Call upon a few of the ex-employees for ideas. Just do it!

tish brewer said...

thanks for the encouragement! we are refurbishing the little press now and hope to build from there. we just came up with a name for the business, and will be cranking out our first job for a friend pretty soon. stay tuned!