Monday, October 26, 2009

love your guts

a couple of weeks ago, my car blew a head gasket. ouchie. but i love my car, and we didn't really have the option to do anything but fix her, with the help of some very nice friends...ironically, friends that are also named david, and their glorious wives of course. one david and his wife let us borrow their second car so we wouldn't have to rent one while we are fixing suzie (the very unoriginal name of my car, being an isuzu). another brilliant david volunteered to do the work.

so i ordered the parts and we started work this past saturday. it's slow going and she's a bitch of a many things had to come out in order to get the head out of there - so many things that now i know the name of! the pics below are suzie's parts just a couple of hours into the job...currently she looks far more gutted than this. we're waiting on the rain to go away before we can continue work, since the car is stuck in our driveway. fingers crossed she's done in a few more days, and runs a couple more years. and cheers to exceptional friends!

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David said...

very awesome friends!