Tuesday, November 3, 2009

come get your craft on

unless we get some support, paper nerds may die a slow death like so many other things in this economy. i have no doubt it would eventually rise from the dead, but the current lag is so disheartening. the last workshop was canceled due to lack of interest/bad scheduling/whatever. we only have one person signed up for the next super rad workshop on the 15th of this month, which is gocco printing- and classes with only one or two people signed up get canceled too. we realize money is tight, but we try to offer classes at a really fair price...and in this age of DIY, our classes are a perfect way to come away with lots of gifts for very little money. so come on folks, please think about attending, or spread the word to your friends. isn't supporting local craft and community worth giving up this month's mani pedi? come attend a workshop soon. we promise you'll have a blast. if you can't attend or aren't interested, write and tell us why- we are always open to suggestions. and thanks:)


allison said...

i've been wanting to come and check the workshops out myself for a long time. it has been on my list but the only thing holding me back is funds but i still adore paper nerds!!!

tish brewer said...

thanks allison, we hope to see you sometime soon then!