Friday, December 11, 2009

art conspiracy 5

took these pics at the art con install this morning. it's an event that makes me happy for many reasons, one of which is the charity it benefits...because what my piece sold for last year (and hopefully will this year) is way more than i could just hand over to a charity in cash. plus, this is way more fun.

since i don't get a chance to produce work regularly, it's always especially challenging for me to create it in this live context where i only have about 2 hours. this piece works better up close i think..and of course involves paper since i am a paper nerd. it's inspiring for me to do this (the second year in a row) and meet tons of other local artists of all kinds, and also makes me self conscious, just a little. i come away encouraged to carve out more time for myself to make art. it's an outlet i don't currently really have due to lack of space/a garage studio, but dream of every day.

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