Monday, January 25, 2010

simple is nice

here are details of a couple of ellsworth kelly's we have in the studio and would love to work on. they make me want to draw and d and i were walking the dogs at whiterock the other day, we walked past the back of the arboretum and started to talk about how nice it would be to go in there when it isn't crowded, and paint botanical pictures in our sketchbooks, labeled with botanical names. there was talk of a picnic too, of course, and then the whole imagined scene became something out of an austen novel. maybe it was the spring weather that inspired us. but today, even with the chill back in the air, i'm further inspired by these...

Monday, January 18, 2010

woman at work

my talented friend michael quevedo took these photos of me in the studio several months ago. i finally got to see all the shots, and thought i'd post a few here. we're hoping to incorporate some of his pics of us at work into new marketing ideas, including a redo of our website.

Friday, January 15, 2010

wedding guest books

yesterday i made some guest books for the upcoming weddings of two gals i love. here are some pics of the process. i don't have full shots of the completed books, as i didn't want to give too much away in case either of them happened to see this post. this is a structure i love to make, because it allows the book to open flat, and because there is very little adhesive involved. so it's great for a guest book or a sketch book, and there is a lot of freedom in how i can make the end product look as far as size and general design. in this case, the colors are based on those of two different weddings, and the beautiful text paper is meant to take any pen well, without bleeding. if there are any requests for one of these, let me know. they make great wedding presents:)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

early mornings

i'm not really a morning person. never have been. it's not that i don't have an appreciation for the time of day when the world wakes up, it's just that i don't naturally wake up at 6...and i'm slow to wake up, and very slow to have a conversation first thing. but sometimes, i need to get in the car early, and when i do, skies like this help my sleepy soul in the morning.

Monday, January 11, 2010

a slow start

as expected, january isn't usually a busy time in the studio, at least not the first the first couple weeks we're back after the new year. we don't have a tremendous amount going on, but i did work on this picasso print today. removed some nasty hinges, and now it's flattening under weight.

more conservation related posts to come hopefully later this week or next, as we are taking a look at a bunch of things in storage tomorrow. i'll post any interesting details from the visit.

Monday, January 4, 2010

a new year

here's hoping for a better year than the last. i don't really do resolutions, but i will say that i'm shooting for a much lower stress level this year, which entails many things i resolve to do/not do. and many things i hope my loved ones resolve to do/not do. so, here's to a new year. the "happy" i'm not sure about...i feel like that's a word i don't really like anyway, as if it puts too much pressure on the expectation, and i don't want to just say it out of habit. and maybe i'm ok for now just saying it's a new year, with a new energy.