Wednesday, March 24, 2010

camera test

our new camera is here at CAC. the canon G11. i could not possibly be more pleased with how awesome and easy it is. i've only played with it for a few minutes, not getting into any of the different settings yet. but the detail the macro gives us for documentation shots is amazing. i can actually see the texture of the paper. and the quality of printing ink. and the miniscule wrinkles in something worn through age and handling.

i took these test shots on auto, and these are straight off the camera with no editing. it might be kinda hard to actually get bad pictures with this baby. i mean, for a point and shoot this is totally at the top of my personal wish list. still small enough for great pictures while traveling too. we got this stylish case for it, and a backup battery (always a must). wonder if CAC can justify a second one, so they can become as attached to us as our laptops, you know, for work? if i have this on a survey, we need a camera at the shop too right? right.

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