Thursday, October 21, 2010

new orleans trip

went to new orleans last week, fell in love. it was my first time. i can't wait to go back. this city might even be on the list of potential moves (it'd be higher up if it weren't so warm-ish all the time, since we're really tired of constant warm weather at this point). it's very friendly, and diverse, and full of creative energy. i'm grateful to have been somewhere new to me, it's interesting to see a city on the rise...seems like everything is more local there, more energized and inspiring than here, very different. i realize that's an outside view, but i also know what i like in a place, and found lots of likes in nola:)


Shansta said...

I can't believe you'd never been to New Orleans! My Mom is from Algiers (right across the river from the Fr. Qtr) and I've been loads of times. You've captured many of things I also love about the city. I hope to go back again soon, too. :)

tish brewer said...

i know, it's amazing i was a nola virgin at 32, especially being so close by, really. i noticed the ferry to algiers but didn't go over to much to do! thanks for your comment:)